Police everywhere, Justice nowhere !

The French government has been rejected during the last elections. Right and left wing organisations asked the people to vote "Yes" to the European Constitution. But this constitution was more an economic treaty than a social progress. The people voted "No" against political-class, media propaganda and ultra-capitalist system. After the vote, prime minister resigned and an other one, from the same right-wing organisation, arrived. He began by presenting a reform of the working code (laws about work). Thanks to many struggles in the past, the French working code gives some rights to the employees to protect themselves from their employer. They want to get rid of it.

People doesn't want to have less rights than before, they even want to increase theses right to have better life. They don't want to have powerful employers who can fire them as they want. During the European vote, a lot of people rejected the economic point of view and asked for less precarious jobs, and also better rights for workers in the whole Europe. Protestation grows. Workers of State companies defend a public conception of companies which is a guarantee for a bit of equality between different social-classes. Students protests against elitist reforms of the public education system. Organisations protests against expulsions of clandestine immigrants.

The only answers we get is police intervention. This little newspaper gives some examples: trade-unions militants hunted, demonstrations persecuted, struggles take place in schools and at work. French police seems to be free to beat people has they want. The police minister Sarkozy pleads for even strong methods. People are angry, fight for their rights and police persecute them: it looks like firemen trying to extinguish a fire with petrol.

We hope that this few articles will inform you about social actuality in France. A wealthy country whose government tries to give morality lessons around the world. These news doesn't look like the international medias speeches. Lyrics of the songs of the band JOKE are about these issues. We regret you can't understand it directly. Please find a part of our anger and our hopes in this newspaper !

Summer 2005 - Joke A Dit !!! Editorial - Spécial Tournée Kosovo

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