Dark Regeneration

While world seemed condemned to live in an universe made of totalitarian government, economic competition and financial imperialism, new doors open and forgotten stars shine again. The dance of revolt and struggle begins. From Maghreb to Middle-East, the youth rise up, taking the rest of the society in their dance and their need of freedom. In Tunisia as in Egypt, governments were fired and had to get out. New struggles begin then, under the anxious eye of western governments, to know how to reinvent life without dictatorship. Battle has just began. In Yemen as in Syria, the population slurs violent repression and refuse to be intimidate, in spite of murders and torture. Lost in these Arabian convulsions, NATO decided to go on war in Libya, so that military industry can get some advantages in theses revolutionaries events... It's not just dictators authority which knows a deep crisis nowadays, but the whole domination process necessary to economic health. In China, which is respected by the markets for its incredible economic development, riots expand. Thousand of people, manly migrants workers, fight police rejecting their slave conditions and asking for social justice. In Spain, the youth rise up, asking for a real democracy, refusing politics based on economic benefits for rich people only. In Greece, population rejects the projects that the International Monetary Fund tries to dictate : privatizations and economic austerity, in other words, bad conditions of living and misery.

Arg !

These revolts are landmarks to make us realize that the power of money is always built against people and human living. Each economic crisis is a domination crisis. What we see then, is that people have through their last scream yet, and that they don't accept the restrictive political spaces to express themselves politically. Refusal of the world-as-it-goes is here and now, in each of our actions. In order to keep these crisis times ours, and that they don't became any occasion of re-composition for conservative, reactionary or fascist ideas, we have to find a way for our refusals to meet and converge. We are Syrians, Tunisians, Egyptians. We are Spanish indignados, and Greeks on strike. We feel oppressed by the borders which contains our desires, but our critics flow together. We don't need no G8 or IMF, we need borders to collapse so that we can meet at last.

Summer 2011 - Joke A Dit !!! Editorial

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