European Comedy

It was quite funny to see the disappointed faces of the political-class the day after European elections in France. Simple joy to feel the sad atmosphere of the ones who were proudly asking for our voices the day before. Whatever you think about elections, they can at least be analyzed. They maybe are a kind of social-photography of a define space and time. Main medias tell that it has been a great victory for the government. Lies ! Jokeadit!!! brings the NewsReal to you.

For example, including the 60% of vote abstention, the 28% score of the PMP (Power & Money Party, today governmental right-party) just means 9% of people who can vote. What a great victory ! French president Sarkozy is very lucky to gather right-extremist suffrages. The other big political party, the TSP (Traitor & Stupid Party, today oppositional left-party), is out also ! It can’t manage anymore to convince anyone that this organization is useful... The alternative-left is even more out thanks to their stupid divisions. They managed to exclude themselves out of the European Parliament, loosing all their seats. The only one who kept the head out of the water succeeded in simulating unity. So-called alternative-organizations that are real politician-organizations has been trapped is their own politician-game.

Arg !

Less funny, the Front National (National Front, extreme-right-party) is still roaming, 6% score, even if the government applies their fear-and-repression-program. But good news, the NFP (New Fascist Party, ex-Parti Anti-Sioniste) has been rejected by the people who vote. This strange team, coming from the dark sides – fascists, nationalists, religious-extremists – didn’t manage to mobilize. Which doesn’t unfortunately mean that they won’t exist anymore. The NFP has the ambition to build a strong national-socialist party with the support of the ghetto youth. Soral, their intellectual leader told recently: “Only nationalism has the fundamentals to incarnate a real economic and social alternative. (…) I think that if Marx was alive today, he would vote for extreme-right-wing.” If they didn’t get a good score, Jokeadit!!! is happy to give them the neo-fascist and antisemitism cup. We’ll especially remember how they physically attacked left-wing activists during this campaign.

Let’s finally evoke our own victory. The indifference and contempt victory. The No-Voice of those who didn’t give a shit about the electoral marketing. 60% of non-voters face an isolated political-class which really doesn’t seem to really care about Europe. When they do, it’s for big business or organizing anti-migrants-programs. 60% today, the world tomorrow ! Waiting for this party-day, we would like to congratulate the only list who drove an european program, gathering different tendencies, lead by an ex-red-revolutionary (Dany Cohn-Bendit), an activist-judge (Eva Joly) and a peasant trade-unionist (José Bové). Without illusion, we officially ask them to fuck off all kind of fascists who have a seat in the European Parliament. To end, all our respect goes to Pirate-Euro-Deputy Christian Engström from the Sweden Piratpartiet, that militates for a “free Internet in a free society”. Download & Boarding !

Summer 2009 - Joke A Dit !!! Editorial

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