A lot of people use to say that since a long time (!) accumulating capital leads to capital crisis. Economic history is full of well known examples: 1914, 1929, 1939, 1973, 1993, 1998... In economic mechanisms, human being has been, and still is, reduced to a simple floating data. That's why this historical crisis will go through our own realities. Less money to exchange... means that's we'll become useful for economic strategies. We could almost enjoy this situation. But we are forced to admit that this will lead to more unemployment and less social-incomes, more pressure on workers and less possibilities to defend themselves, more misery and the possibility for all governments to get rid of public-services and the welfare-state... to save States in bankruptcy. French government took quite a strange way to take care of us: it gave billions of euro to banks and car-industries.

For us, no gold€n parachute$ or billions of euro. For us, police repression and under-pressure-laws. Like this criminalizing law about downloading films and music on internet. Nevermind statistical economy. Social counters are hot, black and red. More and more immigrants are expelled, more and more people have problems with the police... In current France, people who resist – students, teachers, nurses, precarious-workers, unemployed, ... – are corrected by special anti-riot forces. France again, November 2008, police and medias arrived in a calm countryside village to arrest so-called « extremist-left-wing-terrorists ». Bouh !

Arg !

Something or someone tries to frighten us. Easy to guess who and why: French government gave up its love-boat to enter in a panic-castle. It knows that the angers linked to the crisis are difficult to administer. As popular wisdom use to say: who sow misery, harvest anger. « It's hot everywhere in Europe. In Greece, in Spain, in Italy, even in France. » « We don't need a movement like in 1968 in the whole Europe. » « In France we have to take care of movements that are more or less revolutionary. I know that the french people love to see me and my wife (...) that reminds them of the french kings. But I also know that the french people have already cut a king's head. » This is what the french president says and thinks, as a newspaper revealed.

Sure, stupid left-wing political parties are not wise enough to understand the stake. They only think about the State... and taking power. A lot of little left-wing parties were born recently. None of them translate the economic crisis like a political possibility. But... a lot of people fight, resist and build their own struggles today, here and now. Workers keep their bosses locked in. Students and teachers are striking in universities. Citizens associations are fighting for the immigrants right to dignity. And so on... Government can't predict how it will explode. All official visits, of ministers or of the president, are highly protected. And everywhere they go, there are demonstrations to tell them they're not welcome. Clear symbol of a political class that's more and more disconnected from the people. Fearing riots and living in its top-security castle.

We are taking the pressure up side down. We are becoming what the power fears – and always feared – unpredictable, without any parties, ungovernable, always in the movements and self-initiatives. That's what frightens them... Let's get free ! No they can't, yes we can !

Spring 2009 - Joke A Dit !!! Editorial
Jebeni Francuz
i said "We cam in Peace !"

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