In this fanzine we try to give news that the big medias seem to forget. French spring has been a long struggle season. Students, followed by many workers, built an important strike in all universities of the country. They were fighting against a law called "Loi sur l'Egalité des Chances" (Law on Equality of Chances) that had equality only its name. A part of this law was the "Contrat Première Embauche" (CPE - Contract First Job). This work contract was about to allow companies to fire an employee without any reason during two years after he had been employed… if this employee was under 26 years old. After two months of struggle, this part of the law is dead now. But all the rest of the LEC is still alive. The partial victory against it, made most of the people go back to work and stop struggling. Just after this episode, the French Interior sinister Sarkozy proposed a law the fight against immigration. Since he is a member of the government in 2001, Sarkozy try to get extreme right wing voters. In 2001 most of the French electorate voted for Chirac because he was opposed to Le Pen who is the leader of the extreme right and fascist party. Trap of the representative democracy ! Since this date, Chirac government and its party applied more then the half of Le Pen program. But the people is not behind him: struggles, strikes, riots…

Before they loose the power, this government try to vote conservatives laws as much as possible. And as the French "left" wing is not better than the right one, we can be sure that the next government won't change anything. The new law of Sarkozy, who wants to be the next president, means real bad things for immigrants. Their situation wasn't good before…it's going to be worth. The French government reaches a step in repressive and conservative laws. It allowed police to catch "illegal" migrants anywhere, even to catch their children in school to get the parents and make things very difficult for migrants if they want to come in France. These methods remind when French government was collaborating with nazis during the second world war. Hard to say that France stills the human rights country. We are many to struggle against this discriminations but it's hard to make a lot people moving just after a big social movement. On this planet, people try to cross borders just to get better lives, they are welcomed by police force and security system. Money and products can go through borders really easily meanwhile men and women are hunted and die trying to settle somewhere else. Every one shall be simply free to move and settle. People are enclosed in walls and borders… just as in the past. But if history replays, power of money and states might be frightened cause all walls finally fell.

Summer 2006 - Joke A Dit !!! Editorial

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